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Sandburr was already a seven-year-old with 38 races under his belt when Stidham claimed him in April, 2006, for $20,000. But under Stidham’s care, Sandburr flourished. He won another eight races, including four in stakes, and he picked up a whopping $400,000 for Stidham. During his career, Sandburr enjoyed vacations at Kathy Volkmans farm in Fort Worth, during which time she fell in love with him. When Sandburr retired age ten, Kathy insisted that he spend the rest of his years at her farm. He’s loving his well-earned retirement, and spends much of his time playing with Kathy’s grandchildren.

Intrinsic Worth

Intrinsic Worth spent the early part of his career under Stidham’s watch, but after being claimed, he passed from trainer to trainer, each time suffering a further decline in form. By the time Stidham was reunited with his old friend, Intrinsic Worth was seven years-old and in terrible physical condition, barely able to walk. His problems were so severe, it took a year before he was again able to walk properly. Appalled by what he saw, Stidham rescued Intrinsic Worth and sent him to Peggy Flemming’s acupuncture center in Florida where she worked on him for free. And when he was once again fighting fit, Intrinsic Worth started a new career at Frankie Lovato’s disabled riding program in Ohio: Stampede of Dreams.

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